Sarah Jessica Parker Heading New Imprint at Crown/Hogarth

By Tony Lutkus | October 7 2016 | Adult

Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress, producer, and entrepreneur best known for playing Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, is now also editorial director of SJP, a new imprint at Crown’s Hogarth line, where, according to the New York Times, she will “help to find, edit and publish three or four new novels a year.” The paper added that “the head of Hogarth, Molly Stern, met Parker at a luncheon three years ago and offered her the role over dinner this past spring. Parker said yes in a second.”

Parker aims to publish “great stories” and “global voices,” and said, “I have always loved to read for the same reason I love to act, which is that other people’s stories are more interesting to me than my own.”