THE FIX: Surprising Stories of How Countries Solved the World’s Greatest Problems

By Tony Lutkus | September 23 2016 | Adult

Jonathan Tepperman’s THE FIX is a lively and unconventional guide to the global solutions hiding in plain sight. It identifies ten pervasive and seemingly impossible challenges, and shows that each has a solution, and not merely a hypothetical one:

  • South Korea – Slow Economic Growth
  • Singapore – Corruption
  • Indonesia – Islamic Extremism
  • Rwanda – Civil War
  • Botswana – Natural Resource Curse
  • Canada – Immigration
  • U.S.A. – Energy
  • New York City – Political Gridlock
  • Mexico – Political Gridlock
  • Brazil – Inequality

See below to watch a visually arresting video for the book, and to view author Jonathan Tepperman’s recent TED talk.